Tonnur Kere

This amazing historical lake is spread over an area of 2150 acres. Tonnur kere was planned and built by Ramanujacharya 1,000 years ago

Ramanujacharya made this his home but The adilshahis of bijapur invaded this place and Nasir jung named this place as Moti talab because of its crystal clear water.

Tonnur kere is situated 39Kms away from mysore. The dam built between two rocky hills formed tonnur kere and the height of the dam is 230 meters and length is 145mtrs. The lake is a fishermans delight as it is home for varieties of fishes. The visitors can go for boating in theppa(Country made boats). This is a ideal place for picnic Open until sunset Transport - Mysore 39 km there are frequent buses to this place.

Distance: 39 km from Mysuru